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 Rune Of The Day 8/02/16

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Rune Of The Day 8/02/16 Empty
PostSubject: Rune Of The Day 8/02/16   Rune Of The Day 8/02/16 EmptyWed Aug 03, 2016 12:35 am

The rune of the day is:
Rune Of The Day 8/02/16 16bdba4b653ae218a7d3aad0507a563a
Fehu is a rune of abundance, success and happiness. It is a sign of coming hope and plenty. Balder, Asa-God of light, love, beauty, rebirth, innocence, and loyalty is associated with this rune. Vana-Goddess Freyja, Queen of the Valkyries, twin sister to Freyr, and warrior goddess of magick (Note: rune casting is in her realm), wisdom, physical well-being, and eroticism is also associated with this rune. Gefion, a Vana-Goddess of virtue, fertility, and un-married women also claims association with Fehu. Last, but not least, Njord, Vana-God of abundance, rivers, oceans, and material well-being, also father of the twins Freyja and Freyr, is associated with this rune, as well. Fehu's colors include green and brown.
{Reposted from the Norse/Viking area}
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Rune Of The Day 8/02/16
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