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Merry Meet, Sacred Circle Coven (SCC) was created so that like minded individuals could come together to discuss and learn about all forms of the path.
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 Rune Of The Day 8/03/16

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PostSubject: Rune Of The Day 8/03/16   Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:00 am

The rune of the day is:

This rune holds a meaning of joy. It speaks of fellowship and harmony, comfort, prosperity, and pleasure. Vana-Goddess of fertility, romance, wealth, prosperity, and love, Nanna, is associated with this rune. Nehallennia, a lesser-known goddess of plenty holds association, as well. Nerthus, mother earth and a goddess of rivers and seas is associated with Wunjo, along with Odinn, the All-father, the Asa-God of poetry, magick, and ecstasy. Asa-Goddess Sif of the harvest and Sjofna, goddess of love, are two other deities that Wunjo is associated with. Wunjo's colors are pink and blue.
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Rune Of The Day 8/03/16
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