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 Rune Of The Day 8/04/16

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Rune Of The Day 8/04/16 Empty
PostSubject: Rune Of The Day 8/04/16   Rune Of The Day 8/04/16 EmptyFri Aug 05, 2016 12:52 am

The rune of the day is:
Rune Of The Day 8/04/16 Runic_letter_ingwaz
Ingwaz stands for common sense, family love, the home, virtues, simple strengths, human warmth, and caring. Asa-God of justice and law, Forseti, is associated with this rune. Vana-God, Freyr, lord of peace, eroticism, physical well-being, and prosperity shares association with Ingwaz. Vana-God Heimdall of guardianship and light, and guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge to Asgard, is also associated with this rune. Asa-God Odinn, the All-father, and his sons, Thor and Tyr, are associated as well. Thorr, god of weather, magical power, personal strength, and inspiration. Tyr, god of justice, law, right order, rational thought, courage, astronomy, divination, protection, strength, and war. Tyr sacrificed his hand so that Fenrir, an evil wolf and son of Loki and a giantess, could be bound. Ingwaz is associated with the colors brown and black.

(And just to say, I'm using the Elder Futhark rune for this, and all of them. I know this one changes after the Anglo-Saxon influence.)
{Reposted from the Norse/Viking area}
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Rune Of The Day 8/04/16
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