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 Dreams... What do they mean?

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Dreams... What do they mean? Empty
PostSubject: Dreams... What do they mean?   Dreams... What do they mean? EmptyFri May 23, 2014 6:53 pm

Dreams... What do they mean? Dreams

Dreams.... what do they mean?

There are many types of signs and symbols in a dream. It is important that when interpreting a dream that you take in to consideration each and every symbol and sign that you can remember from your dream and how they related to each other in the dream. I can tell you that it is very sufficient to keep a dream journal next to your bed, because I know there are some times I wake from a dream and in an instance I will forget it. A dream journal could be very helpful when you want something interpreted, or even when having a recurring dream, because you may find one thing changes just slightly each time you have the dream. I have been interpreting dreams with the help of books and sites now for about 7 years. I enjoy it but sometimes its very emotional. If you have a dream you want interpreted, please feel free to post your dream below. Please make sure to put as much information as you can, including but not limited, colors, shapes, the time period, weather, people, time of day, etc.

Blessed be..... Lady Moon Panther
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Dreams... What do they mean?
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