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Merry Meet, Sacred Circle Coven (SCC) was created so that like minded individuals could come together to discuss and learn about all forms of the path.
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 Ghost Chat

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PostSubject: Ghost Chat   Ghost Chat EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 8:19 pm

Pull a seat up to the proverbial campfire and sit and listen to the paranormal stories of our group. I myself have been interested in the paranormal from an early age. My first encounter was when I was around four years old. My grandmother lived in Maryland and I lived in Alabama. She was in real bad health the last time I saw her. One night I woke and I saw my grandmother standing at the foot of my bed. I screamed and when my mother came into the room I told her that grandma was at the end of my bed, she tried explaining to me that she couldn't be there cause she was in the hospital in Maryland, I said no mom she is right there and pointed to the end of my bed. A few weeks or so later my grandmother passed away. To this day my mother thinks I was dreaming, but I think that some how astrally my grandmother came to see me and my sister one more time. From that day forward I have never questioned whether or not spirits were real. There are some good spirits, trickster spirits and very evil spirits, each of which I have encountered in my lifetime. My husband and I are now in the process of establishing our own paranormal group here in area. I have many more stories to tell but first I want to hear from you! Tell me your paranormal experience. Please feel free to include pictures Smile
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Ghost Chat
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