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 Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar

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Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar Empty
PostSubject: Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar   Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar EmptyWed Jan 13, 2016 1:55 pm

Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar

You will need:

3 black candles
Rose oil
A crystal bowl.

Set up your altar by moonlight and call your cat into the room so that she will provide magickal protection. Take the 3 black candles and melt the wax slowly in the crystal bowl.

When it's malleable,shape it into the image of a black cat,set it upon your altar, next pluck 3 hairs from your head and set them about the neck of the cat like a collar. Anoint the effigy with rose oil and mark a Pentacle upon it's head, finally take some hairs from your cat (asking first so as not to
offend!) and press them into the wax.

Fill the image with your magickal intention to love and understand the soul and spirit of your cat,for this is what the image represents,by this act of bonding,your cat friend is now your familiar,for you have declared your intent to the spirits. Always keep the image on your altar,or someplace of special meaning to you.

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Spell to Declare your Cat a Familiar
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