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 Spell to Release a Pet to the Underworld

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PostSubject: Spell to Release a Pet to the Underworld   Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:56 pm

Spell to Release a Pet to the Underworld

white candle
black ink pen
white paper
cauldron or bowl

"I am here in this circle cast, in the dark of the night To help release (pet's name) to the underworld. Life is a circular path that everyone must walk.
And one day we each come to the end of the path. I am here this day, to help let (pet's name) go……. May the Goddess and God smile upon her/his furry little heart. May the Goddess and God sooth (pet's name).

Light the white candle and meditate on your situation. On the white paper, write out what you desire for your pet's release. Fold the paper three times and light it from the candle. Drop it into the cauldron and repeat this chant.

Goddess let (pet's name) go
Send her/him with love.
We will walk on,
With her/him in our hearts.

So Mote it Be!

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Spell to Release a Pet to the Underworld
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