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  Candle Colors and their Meanings

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 Candle Colors and their Meanings Empty
PostSubject: Candle Colors and their Meanings    Candle Colors and their Meanings EmptyFri Jul 29, 2016 11:43 pm

 Candle Colors and their Meanings Candle10

Candle Colors and their Meanings

White: purity, power, newness, spells, healing, peace, and psychic skills. White will intensify the effect of any color it is used with.

Black: Removal of negative energy; not a color of evil or negativity. Release and banish.

Blue: Peace, tranquility, protection, fidelity, and astral protection.

Brown: Protection for the household; telepathy, and stability.

Silver: Neutralizer of negative energy or forces.

Green: Prosperity, money success; counteracts jealousy, and ambition.

Orange: Provides additional energy needed for work or other endeavors; promotes order, and control over the self.

Pink: Love, friendship, romance, affection and giving.

Purple: Intuition, psychic pursuits, power and independence and wisdom.

Red: Fertility, physical strength, sexual passion and courage.

Yellow: Well-being, self-esteem, attraction, glamour and action.

** This can also be used as a guide for making clothing color choices**
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Candle Colors and their Meanings
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